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CRWS Governance

board 04-2024 zoomed in.jpg

2023 - 2024 Board of Directors

Randy Ronning, Jerry Buum, Tim Irwin, Ken Kessler, Patricia Manning, Randy Huot

Mark Bottolfson, Josh Wendling, Cody Merrigan

Clay RW District Map V2-01.jpg

District I:

Randy Huot (Centerville) - President

Randy Ronning (Alcester)

Patricia Manning (Beresford) - Secretary/Treasurer

District II:

Jerry Buum (Beresford)

Mark Bottolfson (Vermillion) - State Board

Cody Merrigan (Vermillion) - Vice President

District III:

Tim Irwin (Elk Point)

Josh Wendling (Jefferson)

Ken Kessler (McCook Lake)

The Clay Rural Water System is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors, elected by the membership from Three Districts with three Directors per District.  Each District is divided by Townships.

Directors are elected at the Annual District Election Meeting held each year in March.  Directors are elected for a three-year term.  According to the System Bylaws, a director may serve a maximum of four consecutive terms.  District election notices are sent to each member in advance of the meetings.

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